FACE PAINTING & BODY ART

Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater & South (Puget) Sound Events

* WOW ! * From Delicate Designs to Bold Monsters IT’S FUN FACE PAINTING brings that extra sparkle that can turn your good event experience into a great one!

► Amazing Art at Affordable Rates                   Half Face & Full Masks; Cheek, Hand, Small Artworks. Glitter Tattoos, Contemporary Henna, Wedding/Prom Design Artist at your event! ► Entertaining and Engaging Live Art for  Private Parties, Festivals & Other Special Events.
►  Beautiful Belly Bump Paintings and other Gorgeous Body Art.  Photo Sessions, Weddings, Baby Showers, Blessings, Makes a Unique Gift! ►  Costumed Painting for Parties!  ALL All Holiday Themes  plus Western, Princess / Superhero / Monster / Star Wars/ Pirates / Circus/ Carnival /

* If you have a particular event theme (or) holiday in mind, please let us know. Often our selection of artwork choices can be customized to tie-in and enhance your event’s theme.



FACE PAINTING – Children & Adults BODY ART – Photos, Events , Living Art
HENNA – Contemporary & Party Henna Design      ( by Appt.) PREGNANT? Beautifully Non-toxic Painted Bumps or Natural Henna Belly Bump Art -(By Appt)
HAIR BLING (Faux Feathers & Tinsel) WEDDING / PROM  Elegant Glitter/ Bling Designs (or) Formals  (Body Makeup or Henna)
HOLIDAY & THEMED Event Art CLUB / UV  (BlackLight)  Paint Designs for Adults Only     ( By Appointment)
BRANDED /LOGO – Custom Ordered Logos that can be done in Paint, or as Glitter Tattoos. GLITTER TATTOOS – Body art that Lasts 3-6 days with care, Waterproof , Super Sparkle!
*  Many of these items can be a stand alone service or combined for an additional fee.

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Email at: Faces@itsfunfacepainting.com

This artist uses professional cosmetic grade face paints ( removable with soap & water), talent & imagination to bring smiles to the faces of your guests.